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Large Format ? Medium Format ? 35 mm ? Digital ?

For large groups or very large prints we use a large format camera with a negative size of 4X5 inches.  For the important shots or large prints we use medium format camera with a negative size of 21/4 inches square.  For the casual shots of say weddings guests or action shots we use 35 mm cameras.


A 35mm film negative has the resolution of a 30 mega-pixel digital camera.  On the same professional 35 mm camera a digital back currently has between 5 or 6 mega-pixel resolution.  So the film has 5 times the resolution of the digital.  This translates in to a much higher quality print. 

We like to use film for the original shot and scan it into digital with much higher resolution than available from a digital camera.  This way you can have the best of both worlds.

Film Size

Here is a photo of 4X5" film next to a strip of 35mm negatives followed by medium format film.  All the sizes are the exact same material, you can see why a larger format gives a higher quality print.