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Wedding Photography

The photos taken at your wedding will be family heirlooms.  For many people, wedding photos taken 50 to 100 years ago are the only images they have of their ancestors.

Engagement Photos

Your wedding starts with the announcements of our engagement.  Good photographs of you together are very useful.  We like to take "environmental" portraits where you are in a location that is meaningful to you and where you are comfortable.  You can, if you wish, have a formal portrait taken in the studio.  Don't forget individual photos of you both and perhaps photos of where you met, your favorite places.

Planning and What is Included

We will work with you in advance on all aspects of the event, who, what, where and when, all the details. We know that during the wedding you will have many decisions to make, we will know your wishes and will use our experience to carry them out in a friendly efficient way.  At the same time we remain flexible so that things can flow naturally.  Here is an example of a typical check list we use to prepare.  

Web Site

Have you considered a web site?  This is a very popular service.  We will set up a web site for you.  Before the wedding you can feature your engagement photos and  all the details such as wedding registries, maps, times, places to stay and other information to help your guests.  After the wedding you can post your wedding photos and even have people place orders for prints.  Then, if you wish, you can keep the web site as your place to share with your family and friends.

Everybody Smile Now!

You can have a photo of all the guests at your rehearsal dinner, wedding and reception.  We use special equipment to record large groups.


Black and White? Color? Digital?


"Quality photography at reasonable prices."

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