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We bring two or three of everything to a wedding events.  For the most important shots we take two images each on a different roll of film.  This helps guard against breakdowns and Murphy's law.

Film Size

We like to use film for the original shot and scan it into digital with much higher resolution than available from a digital camera.  This way you can have the best of both worlds.

Quality of the image.

For large groups and large prints we use a large format camera with a negative size of 4X5 inches.  For the important shots at a wedding we use medium format camera with a negative size of 2 1/4 inches square.  For the casual shots of your guests we use 35 mm cameras.


How long will my photographs last?

Without a doubt Black and White prints using silver last the longest.  They are the only print medium with a proven record lasting over 100 years.  Color prints are made with inks and some times dyes and they do fade over time.  Some modern digital printer manufactures claim long life span but have no track record.  Digital inks are no different than those used in other media like fine art color printing.  CD ROMs are used to record photographs with claims of permanence.  CDs do corrode over time if not kept in dry air.  Also, they are already being replaced with newer better storage.  In 50 years there may be no way to play back a CD as things change quickly in the computer world.  

We will digitize your negatives so you can use them on a web site but we do not feel that digital images are of good enough quality for your prints.  We do not feel the claims of permanence make digital storage worth the expense.


How you store a photograph is very important.  Many papers and plastics used in photo albums will damage your prints over time.  They contain acids which yellow the paper and attack the prints.  We only sell archival quality albums and photo pages. 



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