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We offer digital imaging with high resolution digital cameras.  These images are good for web sites, email and small prints.  We can have the images printed on a professional 8 color printer.  You can receive the images on a CD-ROM.  An  image from a camera can be around 10 megabytes.  It's size depends on what resolution you want for your use.  An image scanned from your picture or a negative will be much larger.

    We do not recommend digital photographs for important or large prints.  It is much better to take a photograph with film then scan the negative for digital use.  That way you get the superior quality of film for the larger prints and the digital form for web sites or email.

    We also offer digital enhancement of your pictures or negatives.  We can take an old picture and clean it up or extract parts of it as seen below.  We will scan your picture or negative, then use software to enhance it.  Then we can print it in fairly large prints.

    Digital techniques are great for creating greeting cards from several pictures, or with a special message.  There is a fantastic number of different things we can do for you.  Let us know what you have in mind.




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